New York Photo Diary

This week I did something I’ve always wanted to do – go to New York. Words can’t even explain how amazing a city it is and in four short days I managed to cram in so much – go to a Broadway show (School Of Rock if you’re interested, which was amazing); visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; go to the top of the One World Observatory (the tallest building in the Western hemisphere); see the Empire State Building; go to the 9/11 memorial and Ground Zero site and have breakfast in the Rockerfeller Centre. I also managed to get in a tour around Brooklyn although I didn’t spend anywhere near enough time there – if I go back, I’d love to explore more of the area.

I spent far too much money in Sephora, of course, but also picked up some great souvenirs.

New York is an absolutely incredible city and I can see myself living there one day – at least I’d like to, when Trump isn’t president and health care is a thing! I don’t understand how it’s possible to so fall easily in love with a place but I have done. I’m already trying to plan when I’ll be able to go back! Being October the weather was pretty much perfect as well – around 16 degrees so just the right temperature to be doing a lot of walking around. Any warmer and it probably would have been a bit uncomfortable! It did get a little chilly in the evenings but I had a coat with me to wrap up warm in so that wasn’t too much of a problem.

I’ve found it difficult to say exactly how much of an amazing time I had in while there so I’ve made a photo diary instead which I hope you enjoy looking through! 












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