NYX Haul

Ahhh, NYX. Ever since they first came onto my radar forever ago I’ve been dying to get my hands on some products. However, they seem to be in every Boots except my local one so when I went home for a few days this month to see my family for a late Christmas, I dragged my best friend into Boots so I could throw all my money at their counter.

Of course I had to buy a load of lip products – how could I not? I actually already had Moscow, the blue matte lip cream, which my friend Perri gave me for my 21st birthday, but the formula of the lip creams is amazing so I needed more. I ended up choosing Rome, a browny-nude that I can wear for work, and Copenhagen and Transylvania – blogger favourites for a reason!

At £5.50 each, these are some of my favourite lipsticks around. The formula is really soft and velvety which is really hydrating, and while they’re not transfer-proof, they do dry down after a few hours and leave my lips craving some moisture albeit nowhere near as much as a standard liquid lipstick. They also strike the balance between having long-lasting colour and being easy to remove when you want to, and are buildable when the colour does start to wear off, instead of becoming flaky.

The brushes are also somehow soft but fairly rigid, making it easy to form a clean line. The Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are some of my favourites but I find the brushes way too fluffy to draw a smooth line, something which NYX get bang on the mark.

I also bought one from the Liquid Suede range, though I screwed up a little bit with this one. For starers, I bought Alien thinking this was the grey shade I’ve seen everywhere (Stone Fox), not a standard black! I’m not complaining much because I’ve needed a new black lipstick for ages, but NYX claim these dry down into a matte and I don’t know if I’ve picked one with a dodgy formula but it doesn’t dry at all! It stayed really tacky and sticky, though doesn’t transfer much, which is one thing

However, darker colours are way harder to pull off than lighter ones, so maybe the lighter colours dry down better, I’ll have to see! For £6.50 this is a really strong opaque black so I’m mostly happy with it. The brushes on the Liquid Suedes are a bit longer and flatter than the lip creams but still easy to draw a clean line with.

The last couple of items I bought were a lip pencil and a translucent finishing powder as I’ve hit pan on my Collection one and I like my face to be matte not shiny! I only own two lip pencils in bright red and plum for when I’m going bold with my lipstick and don’t want it to bleed, so I added a more basic one to my collection for when I’m toning it down with my makeup.

One of my favourite parts about the pencil is the name – “Slide On, Glide On, Stay On and Definitely a Turn On Waterproof Colour Lip Liner (This Lip Liner Is So Good, The Name Had To Be This Long!”. They’re taking the piss a bit and I love it. They’re not lying though, it really does glide on so props to them, and the shade I bought is Dark Soul, which does speak to my soul a little bit. The pencil again was £5.50 and and the finishing powder was £8 which is normally WAY more than I’d spend on powder but it comes highly recommended by Perri so it better work miracles (otherwise she owes me £8 xoxo).

Left to right: Moscow, Alien, Transylvania, Copenhagen, Rome, Dark Soul.

Do you have any NYX recommendations? Hit me up!

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