Old English Co Haul*

Old English Co are one of my favourite brands around at the moment. The perfect little gift store, it’s full of art prints, stationery, pin badges and other such items. I got the opportunity to select a few things from their online store!

Pin Badges

I’ve been slowly building up a collection of pin badges as I’ve gained a few here and there, and finally decided to add some of them to one of my (fake) leather jackets. From the Old English Co website I chose the You Can badge, Diamond badge, Start Somewhere badge and the You’ve Got This badge from my wishlist. There’s an absolutely HUGE selection to choose from though! I’ve always been one for accessorising but I never realised how much a simple badge can add to a jacket until now. My aim is to have the lapels on my biker jacket completely full, which I’m slowly but surely working on.

I’ve also never been one for slogans but these are so cute, I couldn’t resist! They aren’t overbearing either, just little positive reminders to look down and remember. They just make me really happy to see on my jacket – not that it’s really leather jacket weather right now!

Pin Badge Jacket ft Old English Co & Punky Pins


I’m a stationery nut and always have been, so I can’t resist a good planner or notebook! While I have a tonne of notebooks, I don’t really have any planners so I’m always writing lists on my phone and stuff, but I really enjoy the physical act of writing a list and ticking things off. I chose the You Should Just Go For It planner and I love how it’s not a standard diary. It gives you the option to add your own date in, so there’s no obligation to use it every day and doesn’t have an “expiration date” like a normal year diary does.

It’s also versatile enough that you can use it to make lists and also has a notes section at the bottom, should you need it! The slogan on the front is holographic also, so it’s right down my alley! This is basically just a really cute day planner that I love and has come in really handy so far – spot my Download Festival packing list I wrote!

Weekly Planner Notepad

As I mentioned,  I love writing lists. While I’ve been using the planner at home, I decided to grab one for work that I can leave at the office too. I grabbed the Blush Pink A4 Weekly Planner (although it’s basically white) which makes writing my daily to-do lists at work so much easier as it’s split into 5 weekdays and the weekend. I’m such a busy person that this has really been helping me keep in check what I’ve got to do and what I need to plan in advance.

One of the main reasons I bought this is to stop wasting so much paper – I write so many to-do lists in my normal notebook at work and throw them away when I’m done that this will help so much with that as I can get way more completed on less paper. It also uses completely veggie inks, which makes my vegetarian ass happy.

Thank you so much to Old English Co for letting me choose some items from the website!


*Disclaimer: Products were sent for review but all opinions are my own.

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