Olverum Bath Oil Review*

Having spent a year living in a flat with just a shower, one of the first things I did when moving into my new flat (with a bath) this summer was hunt down lots of new exciting bath products to use. Olverum got in touch with me and kindly offered to send me one of their award winning bath oils to try out.*

About the Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum is an entirely vegan and cruelty free brand. Their bath oil is made from a beautiful blend of natural essential oils including Siberian fir needle, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, lime and rosemary. As it’s so concentrated, you only need to add half a capful (5ml) to a warm bath to really fill the room with scent so the 125ml bottle (£32) will last for 25 baths.

The packaging is really simple but beautiful in my opinion. I think it looks really up-market and would make a beautiful gift. It’s the sort of thing I could see myself giving my friends, mother or even a grandmother!

Olverum Bath Oil Packaging

My Thoughts 

For me, lavender and eucalyptus are the strongest events in this product but not in an overbearing way. As you would expect from a lavender-based product, this is really relaxing to use and is perfect for a relaxing night time bath before bed. I never have issues sleeping but I think this would be great for someone who did.

One of my biggest worries when it comes to bath oils I’ve used previously is that they’ll leave me slimy. Luckily that couldn’t be further from the truth here. The Olverum bath oil entirely absorbs and you can fully control the amount used to avoid any residue on the skin.

Olverum Bath Oil

While I’d say it’s a little on the pricier side than what I would pay for a bath product, it’s clear it’ll last quite a while, especially if you limit the amount you use. As the scent of it is so strong, this is easy enough. If you’d rather a bath with a weaker scent you can just use less of the product – easy!

The Olverum bath oil is priced at £32 for 125ml (25 baths) or £58 for 250ml (50 baths) and is available here.

What are your favourite bath products right now? Let me know in the comments!


*Disclaimer: The Olverum bath oil included in this post were sent for review but all opinions are my own.

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