OOTD // Beach Shoot

I have two very definitive moods when it comes to clothing; either I dress to the high heavens in something completely over the top, or go for the alternative and wear something casual and comfy; this day was one of the latter. We went for a little walk down by the beach so did a beach outfit shoot while down there.

This outfit is comprised of some of my most-worn items of clothing. The jeans cost $10 from H&M in New York and are some of the comfiest jeans in my wardrobe. The stripey cropped t-shirt is a Ragged Priest special, one of my favourite brands, which I picked up for £25 in Topshop’s Oxford Street store last year.

I got this red velvet jacket from a charity shop on Castle Road in Southsea a couple of years back for £25 as well. It’s starting to fall apart a bit now but I still love it and it goes with essentially everything in my wardrobe, so I’m going to keep upcycling it until it’s no longer wearable!

As for shoes, I’m almost never found in a shoe which doesn’t have a platform of some sort. Underground creepers are my absolute faves and I got these silver ones as a Christmas present in 2015 to replace my navy blue ones which split completely in half. Undergrounds are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and these silver double soles are in my top five favourite shoes in my collection (which is a LOT of shoes).

The bag I took out with this outfit is my favourite Skinnydip London Satchel – I’m never found without this bag tucked securely under my arm, it’s just so perfect! My anklets are from Matalan actually in a set I found for £2 on sale.
Also, as I don’t think I ever officially announced on my blog, my hair is blue now!
I spent the last couple of years of my life pink and really fancied a change, which is something I inadvertently do whenever things get tough. I’m really feeling the blue, although I definitely miss the pink so we’ll see how long I keep it for! Much as I’m loving blue, pink is definitely my /natural colour/ but it’s making a nice change.
Keep your eyes peeled for hopefully more outfit posts coming up soon!
All photos shot by Charles Makemson Photography – go give his page a like!
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