OOTD // We Don’t Have To Dance

I’ve FINALLY managed to get around to doing another OOTD post, I’m going to thank my mum for having a house with a back garden, the weather for not raining, my cat for not getting in the way while I was trying to pose…

Now that summer is /kind of/ on its way I MIGHT have gone for a trip to Primark and came across these two beauties. The t-shirt is adorable and it’s been so long since I wore a Peter Pan collar that I bought it for nostalgia mostly. It’s also so comfy and cost me about £3 – gotta love the Primark sales.

The skirt is something that I never thought I’d ever have gone for but I saw it in the sale for a fiver and decided to try it on. I still question how to style this as I really don’t tend to wear anything longer than a mini skirt but I love it, it’s really comfortable and practical for less casual situations, should I need it to be.

This is also one of the rare times I actually choose red lipstick so cherish that. You’re all lucky to see it. For anyone curious, it’s MAC Ruby Woo – the most classic of reds and a lipstick that has been living on my face since I bought it.

These H&M flatform boots are my babies and I love them. It’s rare to see me in anything other than flatforms and these ones are so comfortable. Plus they go with essentially my whole wardrobe, can’t knock ’em. They’re also incredible quality and I can’t fault them at all. I’m still not sure if flatform boots go with this kind of skirt, but I’m werking it anyway.

WHY ARE MY DAMN LEGS SO PALE. Not going to complain though because I haven’t shaved my legs in about three weeks and with my legs being so pale they reflect all light, you can’t see the hair YEAH.

How would you style this skirt? Let me know in the comments!

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