PMD Personal Microderm review*

I have a very rigorous skincare routine which I don’t shake up very often. Sometimes when I find new products which I love I’ll add them into my routine, but it’s been the same for over a year now and it would take something very impressive to get me to change that! However, I’m always open to trying something new so the lovely SVPR sent me the PMD Personal Microderm to try out*.

As with all skincare, time is needed to truly appreciate the effects – it’s not something you can use once and expect to see instant results from. PMD recommend using this device every 6-7 days for around a month before you’ll see real results from it, so I’ve been testing it out for roughly 6 weeks now in the hope of seeing some great results.
But first, a little about how it works. The basic PMD Personal Microderm kit (which I have) comes with different plug adapters based on your country of residence and a selection of smaller and larger disks for face and body of different levels of exfoliation, based on your skin’s sensitivity. You can test these out on your arm and select which you think is best for your skin, plug the device in then away you go. You pull your skin taut while moving this machine across the surface of your skin and it suctions on while the disk rotates to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin from your body, which allows your moisturisers and other products to sink into your skin properly.

As someone with combination skin (both dry and oily patches), I was very interested to see what kind of difference this would make across all areas of my skin. I’e never been one to have particularly sensitive skin but I’ve been using the white disk for sensitive skin as I felt the others were too rough and, having tested them out, left my skin feeling more dry and red than anything.

Before using the Microderm

Before using the Microderm
Perhaps one of the stranger types of skincare I’ve ever used, this definitely feels like some sort of spa treatment and, as I thought, did have different effects on the oily and dry patches of my skin.
My oily patches are my nose and t-zone, as they are for most people, and occasionally my cheeks. The Personal Microderm, for me, worked best on these patches as I feel it allowed my shine control moisturiserto really soak in to my skin, as opposed to whatever oil and dead skin were sitting on top.
However, my jawline and outer cheeks near my hairline are the problem dry patches and I feel the Microderm just exacerbated these patches while using it. My jawline is often the only place really that I get spots and I had a few appear while using this – whether coincidence or not, further use of the device over these patches only made them more irritated and dryer than before.

Directly after using the microderm

Dry patches after moisturising
While I’m going to keep using this on the oilier patches of my skin, would I recommend it? The price tag would be a setback for me – retailing at £135 for the basic kit (and you have to purchase new disks every 2-4 uses due to them losing their exfoliating crystals, costing a further £19), this simply doesn’t justify the good results I saw on less than half of my face. If you have plenty of expendable income, skin which is on the oilier side or just fancy treating yourself then I’d say the PMD Personal Microderm is worth a look but for me personally, the results aren’t worth the time, effort or money unfortunately.
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