Pompey Bloggers Go Ape!*

This weekend I got the opportunity to head along to Go Ape in Itchen Valley Country Park near Southampton with the Pompey Bloggers group.
Despite being in the group for nearly a year now, I’ve only actually met a couple of the group members so it was lovely to finally meet a few more after interacting online! Everyone is really lovely and despite not being in the best place mentally, I still had a great day hanging out with them all.

The course

For those that don’t know what Go Ape is, it’s a high ropes course throughout the trees of climbing, zip lines, tarzan swings and other such obstacles with several locations around the UK. Whether you’re athletic or not, young or old, every time I’ve been along I’ve had a fantastic day. A few of the group were scared of heights and even gave it a great go – if you get stuck at any point or decide you’re too scared and can’t do it, there are loads of staff members around to help you out and get you down. There’s even a smaller version of the course for kids, although children ages 10 and over can take part in the full course.
When we got there, our instructor Peter introduced himself to us, got us into our harnesses and explained all the safety measures to us and how the course works. Peter was a lovely host for our group – he really made some of the more nervous members comfortable and went through the safety procedures so we all knew what we were doing confidently before continuing.
Even though you don’t have to be sporty or athletic to take part in Go Ape, it’s definitely a bit of a workout – there are a fair few ladders and ropes you have to climb up which are easy enough but definitely act as a workout! While I wasn’t in much pain the next day, I was definitely feeling it a bit but in a good way!

Weather conditions

We were actually pretty lucky with the weather – Go Ape operates in nearly all weather conditions, including rain, so luckily for us it was dry right up until we reached the last part of the course so we only had to deal with the rain for a short while. It’s always worth checking the forecast before you go as they don’t cancel for bad weather, so you should be prepared to get a little grubby from some of the zip wire landings and wear a raincoat if rain is forecast!
If you want to take your phone or a little camera with you for pictures while you’re up in the trees, make sure you’ve got zip/secure pockets – if not you can do what I did which is take a little bumbag, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your harness.
Thank you so much to Go Ape for inviting us along, I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to visit again sometime soon! Take a look at all our photos from the day below – credit goes to Charlie, Saffron and Mike!

Pompey Bloggers Go Ape | The Colour ChroniclesPompey Bloggers Go Ape | The Colour ChroniclesPompey Bloggers Go Ape | The Colour ChroniclesPompey Bloggers Go Ape | The Colour ChroniclesPompey Bloggers Go Ape | The Colour ChroniclesPompey Bloggers Go Ape | The Colour Chronicles

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