OOTD // The Ugliest Playsuit In The World

My wardrobe. Some may call it a thing of beauty? I call it a holding pen for everything I scream at saying “OH MY GOD IT’S SO UGLY I NEED IT”. RE: my shoe collection.

That is exactly what happened when I was out shopping with Elena -into Primark we went, where my eyes fell upon this honestly quite hideous playsuit, and it was love at first sight. In that moment I decided it was coming home with me.

This thing is officially the most colourful item in my wardrobe. So colourful, in fact, that I had a slight breakdown to my housemate when I realised I would have to create a new category for it in my (largely black) colour-coded wardrobe.

You think I’m joking, but I’m deadly serious.

I mean, the print on it is bloody awful. But in the best kind of way. And it has pockets. POCKETS! It also has a cute little triangle cut out in the back, which is a nice detail.

I’m a firm hater of dresses in the summer – what if I wanna go and chill by the beach, I don’t want the wind to blow my dress up and show some people something they really don’t want to see. Also  dresses never have pockets.

Something which I find with most playsuits is, being 5″10, they always seem to come up a bit camel-toe short on me but this one doesn’t, which I honestly found surprising for Primark. The material is slightly nylon-y but it’s really light for summer and it’s so thin, it keeps you relatively cool. Massive bonus seeing as I’m a pasty northern girl trying to survive a southern summer and it’s not going well.

The best part about this? I only had to part with five of my quaint British pounds for it. You read that right. £5. Bargain, amirite?!

Y’all need to get yourselves down to Primark because they’ve got some pretty cool summer stuff out. Stay tuned – more potential outfit posts to come soon.

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