Punky Pins Strong Collection*

Punky Pins have recently launched their Strong collection, a cute selection of positive mental health pins. While they admittedly are aware the pins might not appeal to everyone, they allow people who are happy to wear them an opportunity to spell out who they are in a cute way. Punky Pins generously sent me the collection to check out.*

Punky Pins Strong Collection

With slogans such as “Tired But Still Kicking Ass“, “Anxious AF” and “Not One To Brag But I Made It Out Of Bed“, the Strong collection really covers a lot of bases of mental illness. Did I also mention they’re all SUPER cute? 

If you want a little subtle highlight to an outfit you could pick just one or two pins that you really resonate with. Or, you could just say F it and wear the whole collection at once. I chose a few of my favourite from the collection and added them to the positive jacket I’m building. This is a jacket filled with positive slogans about my mental heal and how I’m trying to own it. 

Anxious AF | Punky Pins Strong Collection

The Strong collection has been a collaborative effort from Punky Pins with help from artists and bloggers. Designed with artist Cat Lobo, disability/chronic illness blogger Sarah Lex was the inspiration behind the Hugs N Drugs pin. I love how Punky Pins have taken inspiration from people from all walks of life to create a collection people will really love.

Positive Mental Health Jacket | Punky Pins Strong Collection

My favourites are definitely Strong AF, Anxious AF, Hugs N Drugs and Made It Out Of Bed. I love the colour scheme of all of them! Where I’m adding them to a black leather jacket, they add a beautiful pop of colour too.

With World Mental Health Day coming up on October 10th, Punky Pins are hoping the collection will highlight this and indicate it’s ok to talk about mental health and that being a survivor is something to be proud of. For the month of October, Punky Pins will be donating 5% of all sales to mental health charity Mind. 

Punky Pins Strong Collection | Positive Jumper

One thing I love about this collection is that while some are definitely tailored towards mental health (see Anxious AF and Anxiete), others such as Hugs N Drugs and Some Days Are Harder Than Others could easily be worn by people coping with other illnesses, disabilities and chronic conditions. 

Anxiete Badge | Punky Pins Strong Collection

The entire Punky Pins Strong Collection can be found on their website now and retail at £7 each. Don’t forget – 5% of all sales made in October will be donated to Mind! 

Thank you so much to Punky Pins for sending me the collection! 

*Disclaimer: Products included in this post were PR samples but all opinions are my own.

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