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Real Techniques Powder Bleu packaging | The Colour Chronicles

Powders are a product I use on an almost daily basis, even when wearing no other makeup. Having combination skin I often have to deal with both oily and dry patches, which doesn’t make things easy! On days when I don’t wear makeup, my standard routine is simply an oil-control moisturiser with a light dusting of powder on top to keep shine in control.
I was delighted when four brushes from the Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection turned up on my doorstep, thanks to Influenster UK (even if I gave the postie a fright by answering the door fresh out the shower with eyeliner down my face!).

Real Techniques Powder Bleu packaging | The Colour Chronicles

When I first started wearing makeup, I didn’t believe how a good set of brushes can make a difference to your makeup application. Being pretty low-maintenance in my makeup most days, I still use my fingers to apply foundation! However, the more I’ve got into playing around with different styles and looks, the more I understand how a proper blending brush can change the entire application of your makeup.
Real Techniques’ Powder Bleu Collection is expertly designed replicate blue squirrel hair and evenly apply and blend powder without disturbing any base underneath. In my Influenster VoxBox I received the B01 Soft Powder Brush, B02 Soft Finishing Brush, B03 Soft Complexion Brush and B04 Soft Shadow Brush.

Real Techniques Powder Bleu packaging | The Colour Chronicles

The packaging of these brushes, right off the bat, is luxurious and feels premier. Featuring a single cylindrical tube per brush featuring gold and blue detailing, even before opening you can tell the whole collection is going to be top range and coming in at £22 per brush (£15 for the B04 Soft Shadow Brush), it’s easy to see why.
What I like about each brush is that it gives you an instruction on the best use per brush and even an alternative use.
The B01 Soft Powder Brush is designed for flawless application of powder bronzers and highlighters, or alternatively to apply loose powder foundations. I’ve actually been using this to apply setting powder either on its own or at the end of my makeup routine over my foundation and its large tapered head makes for a few easy sweeps across the face.
Designed to gently sweep on powder blush or highlighter for a diffused glow, the alternative use of the B02 Soft Finishing Brush is to apply a delicate contour to the hollows of your cheeks which is how I’ve been using it as I wear neither blush or highlighter. I don’t go for a dramatic contour and prefer to wear a softer, natural looking contour which this brush is fantastic for.

Real Techniques Powder Bleu collection | The Colour Chronicles

Perhaps my least favourite out of the collection, the B03 Soft Complexion Brush is one I haven’t had much use for in my standard routine, with its best application being for powder foundation or blush, neither of which are products I use. I have been testing this out to apply a heavier contour on days when I’m going for a more intense look which works surprisingly well in conjunction with the B02 Soft Finishing Brush. However, with my favourite liquid foundation just having run out I’ve been looking at a replacement powder foundation which I’ll definitely be using with this, should I go ahead with the purchase!
Conversely, my favourite from the Powder Bleu Collection is the B04 Soft Shadow Brush. One of my favourite ways to play with makeup is to do a variety of eyeshadow looks so having the right tools is essential. While this brush isn’t designed for packing on colour, its speciality lies in blending up to the brow bone and on the outer corner of the eye and is useful to create a really soft, natural edge.

Real Techniques Powder Bleu collection | The Colour ChroniclesReal Techniques Powder Bleu collection | The Colour Chronicles

The Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection can be found here and a huge thanks to Influenster for sending me them to try out!
*Disclaimer: Products were sent complimentary for review by Influenster UK but all opinions are my own.
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