Shine Bright Like A Mermaid*

Mermaid jeans - | The Colour Chronicles

I’m not going to lie, I’m still not over the mermaid trend. Do you guys know me by now? Do I have to keep repeating that I’m like a magpie who is drawn to anything shiny? Probably not, but I like to drop it in there anyway.
I’ve been after a pair of sequin jeans* for so damn long it’s not even funny, but just couldn’t find any affordable that were the right pair really. That’s when I came across these ones on LOTD and fell in love! While they do run a little on the small side, I love them and how bright the blue/green sparkle of the sequins is! I had a really hard choice deciding between these ones and a pair with silver sequins, but much as I love silver I decided on these ones to add some green into my wardrobe.
How much shiny is too much shiny in an outfit? Is there such a thing? Nah, that’s why I added these patent boots* to the look too. While I’m not usually one for plain black boots, I feel like the patent heel really adds something to these to stop them from being just another pair of black boots, you know what I mean? Yeah? Good.
I have a huge thing for mesh crop tops* right now and I love the eyelash detailing on this one – it’s so simple but looks so cute! It’s only £6 too – what an absolute steal!
What’s an outfit without accessories? This adorable double silver star choker* has instantly become one of my favourite bits of jewellery, I love using it to spice up an outfit a bit on weekends.
What items are you guys loving at the moment? Now that this snow is beginning to melt away I can’t wait to start wearing outfits like this again!
Thank you so much to LOTD for providing the items included in this post!

Patent Boots - LOTD | The Colour ChroniclesStar Choker - | The Colour ChroniclesPerspex Heeled Boots - | The Colour ChroniclesEyelash sheer mesh crop top - | The Colour Chronicles

*Products included in this post were provided for my blog but all opinions are my own.
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