Smiling on the inside // Smile Makers Review*

Smile Makers have a mission I can 100% get behind. They say when you’re smiling on the inside, you’re smiling on the outside – and I agree. They’ve recently revamped their range of vibrators to have a stronger, more powerful motor and sent me a couple to test out – the Surfer, the newest vibrator in the range, and the Tennis Coach, back and better than ever.

Smile Makers Collection | The Colour Chronicles

I’m happy with the two I received – the Surfer is one I haven’t tried before, and I reviewed the Tennis Coach when it first came out, so I got to do a side-by-side comparison of the old motor vs the new one and I have to say, I’m impressed.
In my review of the old Tennis Coach, I touched on the difference between the vibration settings and how the first couple were quite light – personally this didn’t do much for me as I preferred the stronger settings. You can feel the difference between the vibration settings in the old motor and the new motor now – personally I think they’ve much improved it! As ever, both the Surfer and the Tennis Coach have four vibration speeds and one pulse setting, which covers all ranges and is nice, simple and fuss-free.

Smile Makers Collection | The Colour Chronicles

Out of the two I received, the Surfer is a clitoral vibrator and the Tennis Coach is designed to be curved towards your g-spot. Personally, I prefer clitoral stimulation as a lot of women do so I’ve been leaning towards using the Surfer more, however I’m always up for trying something new so decided to combine the two! Let’s just say, I was smiling on the inside AND on the outside.
In my last reviews I touched upon the heteronormative naming of the products so I won’t bore you again! If you’d like to read my full thoughts on the product names you can have a look here.

The Surfer | Smile Makers Collection | The Colour ChroniclesSmile Makers Collection | The Colour Chronicles

All in all, I definitely think the new motors have done wonders for the Smile Makers range – originally I had to use the strongest settings which worked fine, but personally I feel the difference in the speeds and pulsation now is much improved.
The Surfer is priced at £17.95 with the rest of the range including the Tennis Coach coming in a £34.95 each. Use my link to check out the rest of the Smile Makers collection and go make yourself happy!
*Products have been sent for review and affiliate codes used in this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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