Sober October

As some of y’all might have seen plastered all round my social media by now, I’m doing Sober October…

There are many reasons why I’m doing this which you can read a bit more into on the Justgiving page, but in the interests of keeping it brief, here goes:
I’d like to raise money for Woman’s Trust, a charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse.

This will be a personal challenge for me as I self-admittedly drink far too much to deal with my declining mental stability and want to sort my act out a bit, starting here. Domestic abuse is a problem very personal to my heart for a number of reasons and I want to do something to help while setting myself a challenge in the process, which it will be.

My main goal is to try and raise awareness for these sorts of charities. A lot of people who go through this sort of abuse often don’t have access to the resources they need to get help and away from an abusive situation, or simply don’t know that the help is available. With funding being cut left right and centre in this area, I want to try and do my part to help others who might be in need. People don’t realise how important these charities are and how much they help survivors of domestic abuse in any of its forms.
If you’d like to donate, you can do so here. Please don’t feel you have to, or even have to give a large amount of money – even a spare £1 will make a difference.
For you to be able to see where the money you donate goes to:
  • £8 provides an hour of childcare, allowing a women to attend counselling.
  • £50 provides one counselling session.
  • £100 provides room hire for 10 counselling sessions in a safe environment.
Thank you xo
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