Spinnaker Dining Quarter Safari Supper*

I was recently invited to spend the evening out with Spinnaker Dining Quarter in Portsmouth for their Safari Supper. This was an opportunity to try out three different restaurants in Gunwharf Quays and really get a taste of what’s on offer!

Please note: the three-course meal for myself and a guest was complimentary and provided by Spinnaker Dining Quarter.*


We began the evening by heading to Hubbox for starters. Hubbox is a Cornish-branded burger joint with a really chill, laid-back atmosphere. The starters we had here were flatbread with hummus and halloumi fries.

This was my first time heading to Hubbox but the place has a really nice atmosphere. It sticks to its Cornish roots which, as someone who grew up in Cornwall, I love. They also have a really good mix of meat dishes and veggie/vegan dishes particularly in the starters.

I also think the portion sizes at Hubbox are really good. Normally starters can be quite small but this felt like a good amount of food for the value, and great quality too. I personally had the flatbread and hummus and it was a good way to start the evening.


Pho is fairly new to Portsmouth and they serve a range of Vietnamese street food and noodle soups. Pho was the restaurant I was most excited about for the evening and it didn’t disappoint. I love Asian food and at Pho I chose to have the Spicy Green Soup with vegan chicken.

What I really like about Pho is that they give you a side plate of fresh herbs that you can add to the dish to your own taste. This really gives you the chance to personalise your meal to add more or less spice or flavour. I really liked the noodle soup as it came, but chose to add more chilli, coriander and lime to mine.

The vegan chicken used is from the brand This Isn’t (which also do an amazing vegan bacon) and I have to say it’s the closest thing I’ve had to real chicken since going vegetarian. I definitely need to have more of it.

Cosy Club

I’ve been to Cosy Club a number of times but never actually had a dessert there. I was pretty excited to try the range they had on offer. Luckily I’m only vegetarian as the vegan range of desserts seemed slightly lacking, but I chose to have the chocolate bombe which was everything I wanted.

While quite small, it was pretty rich and quite sweet as you would expect, so I think it was about the right size. We also enjoyed a couple of cocktails while there. I had the Cherry Bakewell and the Pear and Blackberry Fizz, both of which I would definitely have again!

All in all the night was absolutely excellent. Thank you so much to Spinnaker Dining Quarter for inviting us along and providing us with a fantastic meal and drinks!

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