Summer Makeup Faves

Summer 2018 is the summer of SWEAT. Face, armpits, underboobs, even the backs of my damn knees. I’ve been mainly eschewing wearing a full face because it’s just not worth the effort, but I’ve been hunting down some summer makeup faves to really stand up to the heat.
Summer Makeup Saviours

Collection Primed & Ready Primer

The Collection Primed & Ready Primer has honestly been my saviour over the last couple of months. This pore minimising primer claims to leave a beautiful matte finish either on its own or under makeup and it truly lives up to its claim. I love a good gel primer as I find they work best with my combination skin; the witch hazel in this one also helps to keep skin both clear and matte. I’ve been using this on its own for better skin days, and under my Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation when I need some more coverage.

Collection Primed and Ready Primer

Barry M Feature Length Mascara

I’ve needed a new mascara since god knows how long and picked this one up the other day. Barry M mascaras are some of the best I’ve ever used, quite honestly. I can apply the Feature Length Mascara at the start of the day and it’ll still be going strong even after a night out. While it takes a bit of time to dry, it stands up against sweat and time. That makes it pretty perfect for this heatwave!

Urban Decay Original Primer Potion

I’ve never found a product that doesn’t make my eyeshadow crease until now. If I had to pick just one ummer makeup favourite, it’s the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. This stuff honestly works miracles. I can do my eyeshadow that day, go on a sweaty night out, pass out in my makeup (not recommended) and my eyeshadow will STILL be perfectly on the next morning. Solid stuff. Witchcraft, even. An honourable mention goes to the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette also. A beautifully simple palette, this is great for when I really can’t be arsed with much but still want to look like I’ve made an effort. Go and check out my full post on it for more reasons why I love it! Final mention goes to the Too Faced Melted Berry lipstick. This is by no means a new addition to my makeup bag but I just love it endlessly and is such a perfect shade for me that I wear it all year round. It’s got a really moisturising formula and dries down to more of a stain while remaining totally moisturising so it’s great for this summer heatwave as it doesn’t dry your lips out. What are your summer makeup saviours? I’m always on the hunt for products to keep me looking fab while I’m sweating in places I didn’t know I could sweat!
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