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Beauty bloggers. We’re everywhere. You can’t get rid of us these days, and we’re all after that perfect Instagram shot to show off our favourite products. Swatch Perfect have noticed a gap in the market and taken their aim.
I don’t know about you, but I’m awful at swatching products – I just go for a sweep across the wrist and hope for the best. So often I’ll be scrolling through Instagram and see palettes perfectly blocked out. I know a fair few beauty bloggers who use washi tape to mark out the areas for swatches and fill them in, but personally I just don’t have that kind of effort!

Swatch Perfect | The Colour ChroniclesSwatch Perfect Makeup Swatch Stencils

Swatch Perfect sell a wide range of stencils which you quite simply stick down, fill out, remove and voila! I don’t know if I’ve been totally missing something but there seems to have been a huge gap in the market for this sort of product and I’m so glad I came across them on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I ordered:
Single diamond (£1 in the sale)

Swatch Perfect Lips StencilsSwatch Perfect Heart Stencils

As you can see, these are SO affordable and really easy to use! I’ve shown process photos below but you hardly need them. They have the perfect amount of stick so they don’t peel off when you move your arm around but if you misplace it and need to straighten one out or change the angle around a bit you can just peel it off and reapply with no detriment to the product itself.
You can buy most of the products in singles, which I chose, or in groups, different sizes, different amounts (for palettes with loads of pans) and even shapes like paw prints, crowns and stars. I love the diamond but I can’t decide what to do with it – suggestions welcome!

Swatch Perfect Heart Stencil ApplicationSwatch Perfect Heart Stencil UseSwatch Perfect Beauty Blogger Makeup Swatch

I honestly can’t get over how good value these are. Swatch Perfect also offer kits where you can buy multiple products for a slightly cheaper price making them EVEN better value! If you swatch a lot of products perhaps for a blog or Instagram, these are perfect. There’s not much more I can say about them really!
For someone with so many lipsticks I love to show off, I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these and perhaps a couple for some of my favourite eyeshadow palettes!
Do you prefer to hand-draw your swatches or would you get a lot of use out of stencils? Let me know!
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