Festival Essentials*

Y’all know by now I go to a lot of festivals, but there are certain festival essentials I pack every time which are tried and tested, come in handy and are just generally pretty useful. Skincare Essentialle Revival Nectar Face Oil* I have a pretty rigorous skincare routine which tends to go by the wayside at festivals. I always tend… View Post

Swatch Perfect Makeup Swatch Stencils

Beauty bloggers. We’re everywhere. You can’t get rid of us these days, and we’re all after that perfect Instagram shot to show off our favourite products. Swatch Perfect have noticed a gap in the market and taken their aim. I don’t know about you, but I’m awful at swatching products – I just go for a sweep across the wrist… View Post

NYX Ultimate Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Playing around with bright eyeshadow is something I’ve gone from being deathly afraid of to overly excited about within the space of roughly a year. Up until I was about 20 I would either avoid eyeshadow with a passion, or wear it as black as my soul. In the last year or so I’ve become accustomed to playing with the… View Post

Barry M Molten Metals Blue Glacier Review

I paint my nails all the time. Having gone from a job where I broke my nails all the goddamn time to an office based one, my nails are definitely doing better than they have recently and I’m loving it. Barry M have been my favourite nail polish brand since I discovered what nail polish was. I’ve never been particularly… View Post