Broke Girl | 1985 LDN*

1985 LDN are a brand I discovered at LondonEdge’s September 2018 show and honestly, they’re sick. Rachelle, the owner, is absolutely lovely! We chatted a bit at the show and afterwards and she really kindly sent me one of her awesome coin purses. The Brand The 1985 LDN brand stems from a whole lot of hard work and determination on Chelle’s… View Post

LondonEdge September 2018

LondonEdge September 2018 marks (I think) the fifth time I’ve been to Edge and every time it gets better and better. LondonEdge marks itself as “the ultimate creative & commercial fashion trade show”, a place for alternative, goth, pin up and every brand in between to showcase their upcoming collections to buyers and audience. It’s reached the status of being… View Post

LondonEdge February 2018

If you don’t know by now that LondonEdge is one of my favourite places, you must have been living under a rock! From going to my very first Edge in 2016, visiting again in September 2017 with our girl squad and hanging out with everyone again this show, it’s such an inspiring place to be.   Go share some love… View Post

LondonEdge 2017

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to LondonEdge again! LondonEdge is a trade show of alternative fashion, jewellery and beauty brands and honestly one of my favourite places on earth. It’s always lovely to be able to chat to the brands about new and current collections and get to see what’s coming out this season! I’m so… View Post

LondonEdge // February 2016

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to LondonEdge in Kensington! LondonEdge is a trade show for alternative fashion and pin-up brands and it’s an absolutely amazing place. There were so many of my favourite brands there that I got to speak to and see new collections from, and a load of brands I didn’t know… View Post