Leopard print trousers: a love affair

“If it’s ugly, I love it” is a phrase which comes out of my mouth far more than I care to admit. I’ve always been drawn to garish fashion and have recently been suffering a love affair of sorts with these leopard print trousers from Daisy Street. I’ve never been happier than I was upon finding out leopard print was… View Post

LondonEdge September 2018

LondonEdge September 2018 marks (I think) the fifth time I’ve been to Edge and every time it gets better and better. LondonEdge marks itself as “the ultimate creative & commercial fashion trade show”, a place for alternative, goth, pin up and every brand in between to showcase their upcoming collections to buyers and audience. It’s reached the status of being… View Post

OOTD // We Don’t Have To Dance

I’ve FINALLY managed to get around to doing another OOTD post, I’m going to thank my mum for having a house with a back garden, the weather for not raining, my cat for not getting in the way while I was trying to pose… Now that summer is /kind of/ on its way I MIGHT have gone for a trip… View Post