Boozy Lube with Playtime Lube*

Picture this: you’re 15 years old, it’s lunch break at your school and the most daring out of the group strolls into your town’s Boots, buys a bottle of strawberry lube and walks back over to your giggling, teenage group holding it in the air like it’s the best trophy they’ve ever received. You then take turns to taste a… View Post

How do you have sex?*

You’re probably reading the title of this post and thinking “what do you mean? Sex is sex, p goes in v, bada bing bada boom”. That’s not always the case. Sex Education Sex ed in schools has been a topic that has concerned me ever since I became old enough to realise just how niche the coverage is. It’s very… View Post

Celebrating yourself with UK Lingerie*

Valentine’s Day is a weird one for me. As a teenager I never really understood it – I didn’t feel the need to do anything and the more I’ve grown up, the more my attitude has been confused towards it. Should I celebrate it? Should I feel bad for wanting to? What if I want to take the time to… View Post

6 things you learn when dating

Having essentially been single for the last two years (minus a three-month blip that broke my heart), I’ve been getting used to the dating scene. After the dissolution of my last long-term relationship, I’ve learnt a lot about dating and what comes along with it! Tinder is only fun when you’re drunk. Yes, it’s superficial, but Tinder is honestly more… View Post

Slut is not a bad word

Slut is a word that has followed me around since I first became sexually active in my teenage years. It’s rare that anyone ever gets called a slut with positive connotations. That needs to change. Could I list all the reasons people have ever tried to insult me by calling me a slut? No, because I can’t even count them… View Post