Getting New Specs & Glasseslit Review

I’ve needed vision correction since I was 10, ever since my primary school teacher picked up on the fact that I couldn’t actually read the whiteboard from my seat at the back of the classroom. Back when I was a kid, options for glasses that actually looked good were limited, to say the least, and being 10 years old I… View Post

Thrifting fashion & tips for shopping second hand!

The older I get, the more I’ve been thinking about the impact fast fashion has on the planet. The carbon footprint from making and shipping clothes can be enormous. Growing the cotton for one t-shirt can use 715 gallons of water, and that’s even before taking into the account shipping, and the effect of all the pesticides on the planet… View Post

Skinnydip London Petrol Satchel

Twitter is dangerous. I saw the gorgeous Holly from Witch Cake tweet about a Skinnydip London sale and next thing I knew, I’d made an order. Am I sorry? Am I hell. I first heard about Skinnydip ages ago, so long ago that I can’t even remember how they came onto my radar, but it’s taken me until now to make a purchase. Now when it… View Post

OOTD // The Ugliest Playsuit In The World

My wardrobe. Some may call it a thing of beauty? I call it a holding pen for everything I scream at saying “OH MY GOD IT’S SO UGLY I NEED IT”. RE: my shoe collection. That is exactly what happened when I was out shopping with Elena -into Primark we went, where my eyes fell upon this honestly quite hideous playsuit, and… View Post

16 stages of getting dressed

I don’t know about you guys, but I go through this process at least 3 mornings a week (basically whenever I have to leave the house because those are the only days I try and wear clothes). Clothes suck. But also I love clothes. Without further ado, here are my 16 stages of getting dressed in the morning! 1. Fuck, I… View Post