The Most Colourful Emo

“Kim, for an emo, you don’t wear a lot of black, you know that right?”

Oh yeah. I know.  

I grew up being about as emo as you can get. Think black skinny jeans, black band tshirts, black eyeshadow. Never quite black hair though. I did dark purple once and that was about my limit. Dark hair REALLY doesn’t suit me.

The older I got, the more I realised that not only does black not really suit me as a colour, but I don’t really enjoy wearing it. (The irony here is my next outfit post is an entirely black outfit, but there are exceptions to every rule, right?)

I think I’ve always been drawn to a lot of colour but when I was balls deep in my emo phase colour wasn’t cool, unless it was a black/pink combo or bright red. That being said, some of the fashion choices of my younger emo self definitely inspired my current colourful fashion vibes. I still remember that mini denim black/red zebra print skirt…

The Colour Chronicles | Colourful Fashion

The bottom line really is that colour makes me happy. I love colourful things and surrounding myself with bright pinks, purples and blues. My bedroom is decked out with LEDs, rainbow curtain lights and a rainbow-coloured tapestry. My bedsheets are as colourful as you can get and my wardrobe is colour-coded and arranged in order. All of my tattoos are colour and I don’t think I could ever see myself living a monotone life. Even my hair is constantly bright. 

It’s the little things in life.

I’m honestly really glad my style has evolved over time as I now dress how I want in what makes me happy, and I have no intentions of looking back. Colourful fashion is 100% my vibe. Also shout out to these Docs which I’ve had for ten years and are still going strong!

As for outfit details, the mustard t-shirt and shorts are both bargains from H&M recently. The purple fishnets were from Primark about a year ago but I think they’re an awesome change from standard black fishnets. Not for any reason as I love black fishnets, I just love a bit of a change! The Dr Martens, as I mentioned, are “vintage” (ish) and the red velvet shirt I got from a charity shop in Portsmouth about 4 years ago. 

Also can I just say how much I LOVE Brick Lane? We found this wall which totally matches my whole aesthetic! It’s all blues and pinks and every colour I love. I need to go back there sometime, the street art is incredible. 

I’d love to know what you guys think to this outfit! Sound off in the comments! 

Colourful Fashion | The Colour Chronicles
The Colour Chronicles | Brick Lane Aesthetic | Colourful Fashion

Photo credit: Rachel War

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