My Top Albums 2018

Music is something I love so much in my life and never talk enough about, unless I’m chatting about all the festivals I go to. I’ve discovered so much new music that has played a huge part in my life this year so decided to write about my top albums of 2018.

nothing,nowhere - Ruiner | Album Of The Year 2018

5: Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2

I think last year was the year I really got into Lil Peep and COWYS Pt 2 really solidifies that love. The posthumously-released album missed my top spot as there are parts of it that aren’t that great (in my opinion), probably due to Peep’s missing input in the production of the unfinished songs. However, even with that in mind, the album is stand-out to me in 2018. Songs Life Is Beautiful, Sex With My Ex, 16 Lines and Broken Smile jump out as instant favourites.

4: Eden – Vertigo

I only actually discovered Eden at the start of this year but I’m so glad I did. He’s got so many good albums under his belt already, and some incredible covers including Beyonce and Michael Jackson. Vertigo is one of the most perfectly chill albums I’ve found in 2018 and is my album for a quiet night in when I’m trying not to wallow in too much self-pity.

3: You Me At Six – VI

You Me At Six are a band I fell out of love with years ago, but VI has me HOOKED. I didn’t think there was going to be much they could do to pull me back in this hard. VI has some absolute bangers and I was hyped for it even from the first single I heard. The whole album is pretty incredible I think, way evolved from their old standard pop-punk style and worth a listen immediately.

2: grandson – a modern tragedy vol 1

TECHNICALLY an EP, I guess, but still. grandson is sick and people have been sleeping on his music for far too long. There seems to be a thing about stylising everything in lower case these days, but honestly I’m not mad about it (as you can see here with grandson and my number one of this year). a modern tragedy vol 1 is 2018’s answer to a slightly more chill Rage Against The Machine. Fuelled by politics, genre-blending and brutal honesty, don’t sleep on grandson. Give a modern tragedy a listen, now.

1: nothing,nowhere. – ruiner

Ok, ok, I admit it. I’m addicted to nothing,nowhere. His line of emo-rap speaks to me on so many levels. Real name Joe Mulherin, nothing,nowehere is another artist I listen to who is brutally honest about every topic under the sun. From being very open about his struggles with his mental health, namely anxiety and depression, to being vegan straight edge, he’s someone I admire endlessly.

ruiner as an album hit me right when I needed it in a low phase this year. I was even lucky enough to get tickets to see him on his UK tour in October. sinker, rejecter, hammer and vacanter are stand-out tracks on the album to me but honestly there’s not a song I don’t like on it and that’s saying something. I’m totally ready for everything else to come from him.

What were your top albums this year? Hit me up with recommendations!

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