Two Doors Down // Southsea

For someone that loves the city they reside in so much, I really don’t talk about it enough. Today I’m making a change to that with the introduction of one of my favourite places – Two Doors Down.
Two Doors Down is a little, new(ish) quaint little tapas restaurant based right in the heart of Southsea and right from my very first visit shot straight to the top of the list of my favourite eateries in town. I’ve been veggie for nearly a year now with a number of vegan friends and dietary requirements amongst my friendship group, and none of us have ever had any complaints or difficulty finding something to eat when we visit.
This week saw the launch of their new menu featuring old classics, new combinations and a few changes across the board, and they ran a 2-for-1 night on everything so my friend Sarah headed down to celebrate – it’d be rude not to, right?
What I think is one of the best changes to the menu is the reduction in size of all of the plates. While I’m never one to rave over smaller portions, in this case I am. Previously on the menu, there was a combination of larger and smaller plates and this could end up quite pricey in a group with a lot of leftover food as people tended to over-order. Now, everything is slightly smaller (but also cheaper) and it’s easier to portion correctly, with the restaurant recommending 2-3 plates per person.

A larger cocktail menu features front and centre, with a whole new and improved selection of gins which makes me particularly happy!
The things I always tend to go for on the menu are:
  • Cauliflower wings
  • Tacos
  • Halloumi fries
  • Bao Buns
  • Skin-on Fries
I love that they’ve introduced more flavour combinations in their bao buns, tacos and wings (with chicken available too).
Sarah and I decided to try a selection from the new menu to test out all the new options so between us we chose:
  • Nachos with guac and black bean chilli (vegan)
  • Strawberry pizza (vegan cheese)
  • Halloumi fries (v)
  • Daikon bao buns (v)
  • Sticky Tofu bao buns (vegan)
  • Caribbean barbecue cauliflower wings (vegan)
  • Honey chipotle cauliflower wings (v)
I’ll start with the strawberry pizza as that was the first thing we went for because it sounded so interesting! Personally I wasn’t a massive fan of the vegan cheese as I thought it has a bit of an overpowering taste and texture, but Sarah really liked it and strawberry works surprisingly well on a pizza! I think if I tried this again (which I’d be open to doing) I’d have mozzarella on it as I think the flavours would work well together.
The nachos were amazing – you can have these with veggie or vegan cheese but we went with neither. Even as someone who hates guac I really liked these, and the black bean chilli was pretty spot on too! I like to think nachos are one of the things you can’t mess up and Two Doors Down definitely didn’t.

The caluiflower wings are my all-time favourite thing I’ve ever had off this menu and they’ve only just been made vegan so arrah went for the Caribbean barbecue and I took a dip into the honey chipotle – both are absolutely to die for. Perfectly crispy, just the right amount of sauce, flavourful without being too much, I love these.
I can’t ever stop myself from ordering the halloumi fries at Two Doors Down – halloumi is very easy to get wrong but they never do. The texture is always perfect, never too salty and they come with a garnish of sour cream and what I think is sweet chilli sauce, plus pomegranate seeds, and the combination is spot on.

By the time the bao buns came out we were starting to hit the food wall but still tried our best – I usually go for the sticky tofu buns but tried the new Daikon ones with panko-coated Daikon radish and sweet chilli sauce – I think personally I prefer the sticky tofu but I do enjoy a bit of radish and they had much more of a lighter flavour which definitely comes from the radish.

The night was topped off with a couple of cocktails of choice – the Lychee Martini, an old favourite; a new Mango and Pineapple Daiquiri which was sharp and refreshing; and a Two Doors Sling – cherry based and absolutely delicious.
I can’t sing enough praises for this place and if you’re after a social night of new foods and flavours, or a selection to share amongst your party, I can’t recommend Two Doors Down enough!
Things to note:
  • It is a tapas restaurant which means you won’t get a large plate of something – just smaller plates of lots of things.
  • Plates come out as they’re cooked so items will be staggered. It does tend to get busy, especially on occasional themed nights so I’d recommend booking.
  • There is street parking but it can get filled quickly – if not, there is a Waitrose with a car park just a 5 minute walk away or Southsea Common car park which is even closer.
  • There are plenty of options for meat eaters, veggies and vegans plus gluten free options available so there’s something for everyone.
Do you love tapas as much as I do? Have you ever visited Two Doors Down? Let me know in the comments!
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