Victorious Festival 2017 – Sunday

Another outrageously warm day in Southsea saw in the Sunday of Victorious Festival.
Despite turning up later in the day, we arrived in time to check out Pompey locals Kassasin Street giving it all that on the Castle Stage. Coming across more like a budget version of The 1975 than a solid act in their own right, they looked like they were having fun which is the important part… right?
Not-so-secret “special guest” Pete Doherty lived up to all prior expectations – that is to say, an aged man stumbling round the stage and not giving a solitary fuck. Amid heckling from the crowd after shouting “Thank you Southampton!” he and his band purposely overran their set, got cut off and tried to continue playing anyway – either not knowing they had no sound, or not caring. Smashing up the stage on their way out, Doherty and co proved rock and roll never dies – sometimes it just takes too many drugs and makes a bit of a mess along the way.

Slaves | Victorious Festival 2017 | The Colour Chronicles

However, Slaves picked things back up again playing a non-stop set to a group of unexpectedly dedicated fans for a late afternoon set at a family festival. Despite a lot of middle-aged women quickly exiting the crowd upon the opening of a sizeable moshpit, they were well-received amongst the more alternative audience members.

Slaves | Victorious Festival 2017 | The Colour Chronicles

What should have been the worthy headliners of the night, Franz Ferdinand effortlessly tore their way through a ton of crowd-pleasers including Take Me Out, No You Girls and Do You Want To.

Franz Ferdinand | Victorious Festival 2017 | The Colour Chronicles

Closing the Acoustic Stage, solo artist Lewis Watson played a mild set to a group of stragglers who didn’t trek over to the Common Stage to watch Elbow. Quiet but enjoyable, it was a lovely way to close the weekend.

Lewis Watson | Victorious Festival 2017 | The Colour ChroniclesVictorious Festival 2017 | The Colour Chronicles

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