Wavey Garms x Samsung Galaxy S10*

“Everyone has their own definition of Wavey Garms.”

At least that’s what Andres Branco, the visionary behind Wavey Garms, says.

Samsung Galaxy x Wavey Garms Event

Even the name Wavey Garms itself means something different to everyone. What one person would describe as a sick item of clothing, another person might think is absolute trash. That’s one of the things I love most about fashion. It’s unique to everyone. These days, so much of it is inspired by so many different subcultures that the lines between the different ones are blurred, allowing everyone to combine bits of everything they love into their own unique style.

The Wavey Garms guys teamed up with Samsung to promote both the benefits of fashion swapping and customising your clothes, and the new and improved camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Throughout the event we were all provided with an S10 to take photos on and test out the camera. Afterwards, we were gifted a memory card with all our photos on.* And let me tell you, the camera is INCREDIBLE.

Samsung bags

It has a lot of new features including a scene optimiser; when the setting is turned on, if you point the camera at a scene it works out the best way to capture it. There are also new options to adjust different levels of background blur, and macro/ultra-wide shot functions. The detail in the 16MP ultra-wide camera and 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras really blow my Galaxy S8 out of the water.

I had a lot of fun playing around and shooting everything Wavey Garms had to offer throughout the event. Some of the items they had on display made for interesting subjects. The metallic bucket hats were a favourite of mine. I was even gifted the silver one (pictured below) to take home with me.*

Wavey Garms customised silver bucket hat

As they had a customisation station set up in the Tea Tray, I also got a customised item of clothing to take home with me. One of the main reasons the event was held (and why Wavey Garms exist as a brand) is to promote second-hand clothing and finding gems in preloved items. Therefore, they had an area where people could bring items to swap and customise to take away with them.

I ended up coming away with this jacket below.* I had festival season thoroughly in mind when picking it as you can’t go wrong with a waterproof that’s going to hold up against the British summer. Now that it’s been done up by the artists, nobody has one like it so it’s really my own piece.

Wavey Garms customised waterproof jacket

I also got a quick little hyperlapse of the writing being done on the back of my jacket; yet another feature of the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Thank you so much to Samsung and Wavey Garms for hosting the event and for gifting the items to take home! If you’d like to check out either brand, Wavey Garms can be found here and the new Samsung Galaxy S10 can be found here.

*Disclaimer: The event was a press event and items marked with an asterisk were gifted but all opinions are my own.

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