Weird and Wonderful Shoe Collection

I go on about my shoes a lot – this is no secret. Some people are drawn to handbags, some to jewellery. Me? I’m drawn to shoes. You’ll often find me detour into a shoe shop having seen a pair in the window which made me shriek “THEY’RE SO UGLY, I NEED THEM.” I have zero shame.
You may or may not have seen my Charla Tedrick wishlist recently – another example of me permanently lusting over shoes. Elena and I recently went out on the town and took hella blog photos – all photo credit goes to her and her blog is linked so go check it out. This post was so much fun to shoot as it involved lying on the floor in a dingy alley getting laughed at by strangers – all in a day’s work.
I’d like to point out this is by no means my entire collection, or even all the weird shoes I own – just a small selection of my favourites!

TUK Rainbow Double Stack Creepers – £100

TUK Rainbow Double Stack Creepers | The Colour ChroniclesTUK Rainbow Double Stack Creepers | The Colour Chronicles

I’ve had these babies for a few years now and they haven’t been on sale for an age, but I love them. They’re slightly difficult to walk in as the platform is so damn high, I remember falling flat on my face in these the first time I left the house in them! With a bit of practice though, they’re pretty comfortable, as long as you’re not walking huge distances. TUK are one of my favourite brands and I love a good pair of creepers – I’m slowly building up a collection.

Schuh Glitter Boots – £35

Schuh Glitter Boots | The Colour ChroniclesSchuh Glitter Boots | The Colour Chronicles

Absolute bargain, these were. Retail price was £55 but I patiently waited, somehow, for them to go into the sale where I managed to pick them up for £35. While they’re not the most flexible pair of shoes when you’re going downstairs, they’re still pretty comfortable with a nice block heel which makes walking in them fairly easy, and there’s nothing worse than a pair of shoes you simply can’t walk in!
Also, glitter. Enough said.

Dr Martens Brogues – £35

Dr Martens Tri-Colour Brogues | The Colour ChroniclesDr Martens Tri-Colour Brogues | The Colour Chronicles

Another absolute bargain, I’m lucky enough to live in Portsmouth near a Dr Martens outlet store. This was the only pair of these brogues they got in store, in my exact size (6 and a half, where half-sizes are weird for DMs), that they’d got in from a shop in France who couldn’t sell them. £35 as a birthday present from Papa Smith and a very happy Kim later, I was walking out the shop with them firmly clutched in my grip. Can we just appreciate their colour scheme though?

Missguided Holo Platforms – £18

Missguided Holographic Heeled Platforms | The Colour ChroniclesMissguided Holographic Heeled Platforms | The Colour Chronicles

I’ve had these platforms for about three or four years now and I don’t exactly remember how much they were, but I know it was under £20 – I’m fairly confident they were £18. I’ve worn these a fair few times, including to my university Gradball, and they’re surprisingly comfy for how high they are – again, the block heel and grip in the sole helps with not dying, though I think I only made it to about 2am on Gradball before taking them off. I love these though – they’re right up my street and I the buckle detailing gives me life.

Jeffrey Campbell Light Up Litas – £27

Jeffrey Campbell Light-Up Litas | The Colour ChroniclesJeffrey Campbell Light-Up Litas | The Colour Chronicles

These were a miracle find by my friend Perri who spotted these on the Sports Direct (I know!!) website for £27, down from £120. Did I mention the heels light up? Of course I did, to EVERYONE I KNOW. They’re basically the adult version of light up trainers and I am LIVING for them. Again, very comfortable, lovely suede and a block heel to die for, I’m basically chief bargain hunter when it comes to my shoe collection. Much love goes to these.
Which are your favourites out of these pairs? Let me know in the comments!
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