What I got for Christmas 2016

I’m way late with this post this year, I know. It’s not even Christmas this more, we’re already five days into the new year, somehow! My Christmas this year sucked a little bit because I worked for all of it even though I was ill af, RIP me. However later this month I’m going home for Christmas 2.0 to see my family, which’ll be nice. This year we all decided to post our presents to each other so I had things to open on Christmas morning – well played mum, thanks xoxo. Anyway the part you’re all interested in: here’s what I actually got!

This year I received quite a few makeup items – I’d asked my mum for the Morphe 35O Matte palette when we were in New York but it was sold out everywhere! She did manage to find one for me though and I’ve been using it non-stop since Christmas. I’ve been really interested in experimenting with grungey colours which this palette is fab for.

Along with the grungey side, just before Christmas my mum messaged me saying she was in town and there was a MAC store – did I want anything? HOLD THE PHONE MUM, OF COURSE I DO. After carefully consulting my list I decided I needed another lipstick for my collection, so I chose Verve, a satin formula. This has sky-rocketed to one of my faves – it’s the closest you’ll ever get to seeing me in a nude lipstick, the formula is comfortable and it lasted all day through me working on Christmas without fading so props to you, MAC.

My friend Georgie got me Kat Von D’s Poe lipstick which is a colour I’ve been umming and ahhing about buying since I first saw it. However, Georgie knows my love of blue lipsticks and I’m so glad it’s now in my collection because it looks great – I can’t believe I hadn’t decided to get it sooner!

My mum has a giant Swarovski collection so every time she walks past a shop we HAVE to go in, which is exactly what we did in New York. I remember pointing out these bracelets and saying I loved them, then promptly forgetting about their existence! Mother dearest remembered though because she’s a good egg and bought me the teal suede one, which was a lovely surprise on Christmas morning!

Katie, my sister, knows I love Lush and Snow Fairy is my all-time fave scent from there since I was a child. Funny story: as I was opening these presents from her I sat and thought “I bet she walked into Lush, told the shop assistant I love Snow Fairy and asked what they would recommend” and that’s exactly what she did – gg sis, well played.

The Sweet Christmas set has Snow Fairy shower gel, Rock Star soap and Snow Fairy Body Conditioner – I’m excited to try out the body conditioner as I’ve been eyeing it up for a while. Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub shares its scent with the Comforter, another of my faves, as does Goth Fairy which I love for several reasons – I am a goth fairy on the inside and it allows me to both smell good and sparkle, everything I desire in my life.

Another good egg in my life, the boyf bought me Pokemon Moon after saying he would then trolling the hell out of me and saying he wasn’t going to after all. I won’t lie, I’ve been playing it basically non-stop since Christmas. Did anyone else I know get the new Pokemon for Christmas? I need people to moan to about the Litten evolutions because I am MAD.

Two of the best things in my life are alcohol and orgasms. The prosecco (and an iTunes voucher) came from a family friend, and I’ll never turn down alcohol as a gift! Also, is it really Christmas if you don’t buy yourself at least one present? Well I killed two birds with one stone and got myself an advent calendar – the Lovehoney Box Of Sexual Happiness! At £120 this wasn’t cheap but it includes 24 sex toys, one of which being the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Vibrator in limited edition pink which is worth £49.99 on its own, making the box worth it in my opinion. There are loads of toys both which I can use on my own and which I’m looking forward to experimenting with with my boyfriend, so it’s a pretty snazzy box. Also shoutout to Lovehoney for including a guide to safe bondage on the box itself!

Finally a few other bits and bobs – my sister and I got each other matching Disney pyjamas, because that’s what sisters do right? My dad also got me an ace pair of Converse to add to my holographic shoe collection and a Guns N Roses ticket which is part of my birthday present too as the gig is the week before my birthday! That is going to be the gig of my dreams and I’m already hyped. My best friend got me a giant set of Sharpies too, because I’m THAT person who gets excited over stationary and I’m not sorry.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season, no matter what you celebrate and here’s to a new year!

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