What I got for my 22nd birthday

Another year has passed and I’m just that little bit further into adulthood, fml. I don’t like it, someone reverse time please.
However, as always I’m bringing y’all a post about what I got, because I know you’re all nosy! Usual disclaimer – I’m not bragging etc. Without further ado, read on to see what I got for my 22nd birthday!

Mermaid Makeup Brushes | The Colour Chronicles

This year, Mumma Smith graced me with these beautiful mermaid makeup brushes which blend like a dream, and a gift card for MAC. I haven’t decided what I’m going to spend it on yet as I really can’t justify more lipsticks, so I think I might treat myself to a foundation. Recommendations welcome!

Holographic Skinnydip Bumbag | The Colour Chronicles

After getting all my money stolen at a festival last year, my sister gifted me this gorgeous bumbag from Skinnydip London, which will come in handy, especially as I go to festivals every year. Skinnydip are one of my favourite brands and I love the holographic material of this – it suits my aesthetic down to a t.

22nd Birthday Presents | The Colour Chronicles

Papa Smith got me a cute little tub of my fave sweets and a card saying my biggest fear is running out of wine, which, let’s face it, is true. He’s also paying for some more driving lessons so that I might actually take a test this time round. We’ll see how well round two goes!
My best friend Gemma decided to stick to a cat and glitter theme which is pretty spot on! She gave me this cute little coin purse, a set of cat stickers and a glittery keyring because you can never have too much glitter in your life.

22nd Birthday Presents | The Colour Chronicles

Other gifts from varying friends and family included a set of nail art tools, a strawberry Love Hearts candle, this gingham New Look crop top, a few bits of Revlon makeup, booze and chocolate (not pictured because already devoured), some Salted Caramel Fudge from my nan, and some fishnets – again, can never have too many fishnets.

Love Hearts Candle | The Colour ChroniclesPrimark Fishnets | The Colour ChroniclesRevlon Colourstay Makeup | The Colour ChroniclesNew Look Gingham Crop Top | The Colour Chronicles

Thanks to all my friends and famlam and to those who came out with me to celebrate!
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