Why I Love Body Modification*

Without sounding like I’m about to write a university application, body modification is something I’ve been interested in since I was a little girl. I remember getting into alternative music from the age of about 9, looking at all the musicians who were to become my heroes and thinking “I want to look like that.”
Not in the way that I wanted to become them – simply in the way that I wanted the freedom to look as colourful as I felt.
When I was 11, I convinced my mum to let me put pink streaks in my mousey brown hair. While on reflection of the one photo which still exists from that era, it was QUITE awful, I felt cooler than I’d ever felt at that tender age.
I wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a cool kid in school. I was never particularly bullied but my pushing of the strict uniform rules at my all-girls grammar school and addition of copious amounts of eyeliner to my face earned me being picked on by the popular ones. I didn’t let this get me down. I didn’t change. I got suspended from my second school aged 17 for dyeing my hair the same colour it had been for the two years I was there, and still came out with some respectable results.

My first proper piercing came as soon as I turned 16 and was old enough to go under the needle in Blue Banana without parental permission. 6 years and 15 piercings later, my current total stands at 22 with the slightest hint of maybe slowing down sometime soon. Add 5 tattoos and some rainbow hair into the mix and you’ve got my 22-year-old scene kid self.
Someone once asked me why body modifications are so important to me, and the only way I could think to explain it was this:
Think about why you wear the clothes you do. They’re comfortable, you chose them because you like them and you wear them because you feel like yourself in them.
How would you feel if someone made you wear something else? You’d feel uncomfortable, not like yourself. Perhaps you’d lose focus, worried instead about how you look or feel because it wasn’t something you were happy about or could control.
Imagine if you had to do that all day, every day.
That’s what it’s like when someone tries to make you change yourself to fit their standards.
It’s not cool.
That’s why I love my modifications – they show people who I am and why that’s ok.

With that, I love beautiful body jewellery – being able to not only have the modifications but wear beautiful opals, silvers, stones and rings allows one standard piercing to become your own, simply by what you choose to wear in it.
Jewellery Box recently sent me a few of their rings for my piercings. These are all gorgeous, dainty little rings which would look gorgeous in a nose piercing, ears or wherever you choose to wear them!
While all my piercings are at a 16g (1.2mm) thickness or above, all these rings (apart from the BCR) are an 18g (1mm) which is worth noting if you don’t want any of your piercings to close up a bit, or if you have piercings at a lower gauge.
These are rings I’d count as fashion wear – I’d wear them for a few hours if I wanted a pretty addition to my piercing, but I’d swap them out afterwards to something more heavy duty that I knew I could sleep in, for example! However, they’re all so pretty and would be gorgeous to add for an event or just because! I’ve been thinking about putting the pink opal ring in my septum for a night out, as it’ll go so well with the pink opal I’ve got in my new philtrum piercing.
See how I’ve styled them below and let me know what you think! Thanks so much to Jewellery Box for providing such lovely jewellery!

*Products in this post provided by company but all thoughts are my own.
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