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I’m just going to go ahead and say it – I love winter. I might have been born in summer but I’m not a summer baby at all. I despise being too hot, I dream of cooler weather and being able to layer up in my favourite jackets, boots and shirts. 

Now that it’s December (!!!) I’m officially back in my element. Feel The Pulse really kindly offered to send me a couple of pieces from their collection, and the Crux Longsleeve shirt is currently getting me through this season.

The Feel The Pulse Crux Longsleeve Shirt*

I’m definitely going through a comfort over style phase right now. So much so that this whole outfit is basically outside pyjamas. As in, they’re all outside clothes but so soft they may as well be pyjamas!

I love this Crux shirt because it’s not your standard longsleeve. It’s got a really nice slash/boat off the shoulder neckline so it sits really nicely instead of your basic crewneck. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good crewneck but a change is nice sometimes, you know?

It also has batwing sleeves which if you’re like me and sometimes like something a little looser on the armpits is nice. The sleeves themselves are much more fitted towards the wrists and the hem is a nice thick band so it can either be worn full length or sitting just above the hips, which I prefer.

As for the pattern, it’s quite subtle but still brings me back to my emo roots! It’s not too much, but just right in my opinion.  

The Tartan Paper Bag Trousers

Have I been having a real tartan moment recently? Yes. Do I care? No. I got the trousers from TK Maxx not long ago and not only am I in love with the paper bag waist style but honestly they’re more comfortable than most pyjamas I own, and that’s saying something.

I LOVE a good pair of patterned trousers and these ones aren’t letting me down. Only cost me £9.99 as well. Love that.

The Silver Brogues

These shoes actually come from Clarks, if you would believe it! One day I nipped in for some new work shoes and came out with these instead. A bargain at only £35, as well! I do have a slight obsession with anything silver so it would have been rude NOT to buy them, really. The silver brogues have actually been in my collection for a couple of years now, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at them! 

The Denim Jacket

This jacket has featured before because I wear it so damn much. I got it from Topman (yes, Topman) when I was about 16. To me, it’s just the perfect denim jacket. Partly for the androgynous fit, partly because not only does it have pockets, but it has INSIDE pockets. Yup, you heard me. Inside pockets. 

The Outfit Details

Where would a good outfit be without all the little details, right? Is there such a thing as accessorising TOO much? Did I hit it here? Maybe, but here we are. I like accessories. 

First up, the fishnet socks are from River Island. I love how they add a little bit of edge. I basically live in fishnets, but socks are a nice alternative when you’re not wearing a skirt/shorts. They’ve actually featured in a post from another previous winter, if you’d like to check that out.

The badges on my jacket are mainly from the Punky Pins Strong collection, with my Love Rules badge from Typo. 

The little slither of bra strap you can see sticking out from above my shirt is actually this beautiful piece from Hunkemoller, which was part of their Valentine’s Day collection. It’s so extra and adds some beautiful detailing to an outift. 

As for jewellery, I love accessorising where I can and threw these Regal Rose hair beads into my plait! The choker is from As Above, the Serotonin necklace was a present and the opal ear and nose rings are from Jewellery Box

Sound off in the comments if you love this outfit, think I’ve thrown too many accessories in or anything you want to say at all! 

Thank you to Feel The Pulse for treating me to the Crux Longsleeve shirt from your collection!* It retails for £26 and is on sale now. 

*Disclaimer: Products included in this post were gifted but all opinions are my own. 

Photo credit: Bryoni Burns Photography 

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